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New product development, manufacturing and supply chain processes have never moved faster or been more complex than they are right now. Factor in the Internet of Things, big data and 3D printing / on-demand customization and you quickly realize that complexity and the rate of change are increasing every day.

To be successful moving forward, IDC says that companies need a flexible, scalable and resilient product innovation platform that can handle today’s complexity and adapt quickly to address tomorrow’s accelerating pace of change.

"As global companies extend their PLM backbone through the organization and across the supply chain, performance at scale becomes critical for effective collaboration."

Robert Parker, Group Vice President, IDC

What is Resilient PLM?

Resilient PLM adapts to your changing business requirements. Resilient PLM ensures that your customizations can always move forward to the next version of the software. Resilient PLM never leaves you locked out of your own data.

Resilient PLM - and the investment you make in it – persists independent of changes to your business processes, the operating system, database, upgrades, features etc. These changes could be as simple as switching to a new browser or as complex as changing use cases when acquiring other companies, moving into new vertical markets, adding product lines or adjusting processes to meet new compliance mandates.

Why Resilient PLM Matters

PLM is difficult to deploy. It's expensive. And it takes time. So you don't want to have to do it all over again 3 to 5 years down the road. With a resilient PLM system, you won't have to. A truly resilient PLM will last 20 years or more. In fact, it should last indefinitely.

Attributes of a 20+ year PLM system:

  • Transparent – Open and accessible technology. Imagine if 20 years from now if you found a database and vault without the application software. Could you still extract your product structure and CAD data?
  • Evolvable – Nothing IT platform specific or dependent because we don’t know what platforms we’ll be working on 20 years from now.
  • Adaptable – Because your business needs and company processes will surely change over the next 20 years.

Aras is Resilient PLM

  • Open – From our open architecture to our enterprise open source approach and transparent data model Aras is all open, all the time, so we can easily adapt to changes in your business and work with the latest technology.
  • Subscriber Upgrade Guarantee - All upgrades to your Aras PLM system are included in your annual subscription fee. When it’s time to upgrade we take care of everything, including upgrading all your customizations.
  • Self-Documenting System – No more relying on vendors, consultants, in-house system gurus or tribal knowledge. With a self-documenting system you know you’ll always have the information you need to take your PLM system forward.
  • Company Culture – Our motto is "no customer left behind." We guarantee you will never be forced into an expensive upgrade and that the codes and methods you've developed will still run 20 years from now.

You Have Options

There are far too many companies out there who have invested millions of dollars in a system that only gives them a fraction of what they need. Most of these companies think they are locked in to these systems and the limited functionality they offer because ripping them out and replacing them is not an option.

It’s not all or nothing. You don’t have to start over. You have options.

The Aras PLM platform has the flexibility of an open architecture and business model to enable you to:

  • Complement & Extend your existing system - Keep what works and federate to securely add new functionality without the rip & replace method required in the past.
  • Replatform Incrementally as needed - Modernize specific divisions, select sites or individual product lines now and then move on to other areas, retiring outdated systems over-time on your schedule and as your business permits.