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OEM Licensing

"As global enterprise software providers move aggressively to enter new markets and deliver new functionality to customers, they have to consider how fast they can get to market with the right capabilities.

What Aras is doing by OEM licensing their platform technology and solutions is quite interesting because it gives ISVs a new option to consider that can help them move quickly and offer a competitive alternative."

Robert Parker, Group Vice President, IDC

OEM the Aras Platform

For global ISVs and other solution providers that want to focus on their core business while getting to market fast with new offerings, Aras has developed an OEM licensing program.

Whether you need a subset of our underlying platform technology or an entire enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) suite, our OEM approach provides you with new options.

You can embed Aras in your products; rebrand, repackage and price appropriately for your market.

Aras technology is particularly attractive to global providers of ERP, MES, SCM and other enterprise applications that want to expand their product lines and surpass competitors by quickly offering more advanced solutions.

Aras OEM Licensing Program Benefits

Advanced Technology – Open architecture based entirely web services which is cloud-ready and mobile-enabled that provides federated integration capabilities for seamless connectivity to other enterprise systems, cloud services and data sources. Scales up and out for the largest global enterprises, yet light-weight – less than 1 million lines of code – for applications where footprint size matters.

Proven Capabilities – Sophisticated workflow, lifecycle state management, structure management, configuration management, project management, requirements management, as well as comprehensive virtualization capabilities, robust security, replicated vaulting and more.

Flexible Business Model - Offer subscriptions, sell licenses or monetize based on transactions or other formats. Run a multi-tenant cloud, deploy in either a traditional data center or a hybrid configuration that includes both conventional and cloud resources.

Join the Aras Community

When you license our technology you become part of the Aras Community, a global network of technology creators and consumers who support, advance and proliferate the Aras platform. In fact, we established our licensing program to grow our community and bring our technology into new markets.

We believe that there is strength in numbers, as well as innovation and ingenuity. We are interested in partnering with application developers with geographical or domain expertise who want to bring quality solutions to their customers and expand the Aras Community.

Add Advanced Technology & Capabilities Immediately

With Aras you get a cloud-ready architecture that is mobile and enabled with workflow, lifecycle state management, structure management, project management and requirements management, and includes comprehensive virtualization capabilities, robust security, replicated vaulting and more.

You'll have the flexibility to run a multi-tenant cloud, or deploy in either a traditional data center or a hybrid configuration, meaning both conventional and cloud resources.

Our system is entirely web services-based providing federated connectivity to other enterprise systems, cloud services and data sources.

The Aras technology platform scales up and out for the largest global enterprises, while at the same time being light-weight enough for small environments.

Aras Technology

  • Cloud - Cloud-ready platform that provides the flexibility to deploy in either a traditional data center, cloud infrastructure or hybrid configuration, meaning both conventional and cloud resources
  • Distributed Architecture - Partitions cleanly to separate multiple vault, database and application servers
  • Virtualization - Runs on the latest virtual servers including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Xen
  • Elasticity - Capable of being provisioned automatically for dynamic resource allocation
  • Scalability - Ability to run in clustered environments that enable the use of pooled compute resources as needed in real-time without intervention
  • Multi-tenant - Able to run single system with different customizing and vaults for each organization
  • Adaptability - Capable of highly customized data schema and business rules (“modeling”) without complex programming, with all customizations stored in the database to facilitate multi-tenant hosting
  • Upgradability - Perform major upgrades during continued operation without impacting system modifications
  • Mobile - Mobile-enabled, 100% Web services architecture accelerates development and deployment to mobile devices.
  • Internationalization - Supports entire ISO/IEC 10646 Unicode character set of more than 500 languages including double byte for Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Federation - Entire system is Web services for secure connections to other systems and services whether on-site legacy or cloud-based
  • Connectivity - Accelerate development, integration and federation with packaged Web service APIs and / or .NET data exchange tools; enabled for Windows, JAVA and mobile
  • Network Security - Runs on HTTP/HTTPS (Port 80/443 only) connecting through firewalls without a VPN
  • Enterprise Security - Built-in at the architecture level across all business items and components
  • License Flexibility - No licensing obstacles to deployment

Aras Capabilities

  • Configuration Management – Includes change and configuration status management, and supports multi-level revisioning, versioning and generation. Handles fixed/float and implicit/explicit configuration links, enabling the implementation of highly complex change processes with no programming.
  • Requirements Management – Provides multi-discipline requirements hierarchy with ability to make anything a requirement including files, emails, scanned images, URLs, pictures, videos, as well as existing business items in the system with revision control, change management and trace matrix.
  • Integrated Project Management – Project and program management with stage-gate, milestones and deliverables, WBS tasks & activities, scheduling, status roll-ups and tracking, actions & alerts, Gantt and project portfolio dashboard views.
  • Workflow – Graphical workflow design and graphical monitoring of real time workflow status. Handles highly iterative, complex processes and produces analytics for process optimization. Includes branching, parallel paths, looping, dynamically assigned roles and on-before/on-after web services event capabilities and email integration.
  • Lifecycle – Rules engine that drives the automation of business processes and core services based on the lifecycle status of business objects; automatically manages access rights and mandatory fields by state, triggers workflows and more.
  • Classification – Built-in core classification service that allows an arbitrary number of classification trees that can be configured to manage the complete feature set, including workflow and configuration management, enabling the assignment of different behaviors to families of objects.
  • File Vaulting – Complete distributed and rules-based replicated file vaulting preprogrammed – no scripting required; vaulting service includes File Type – Viewer association and optional auto conversion of all files to neutral viewable format (PDF).
  • Security – Built-in at the architecture level across all business items and components and includes authentication (e.g. LDAP integration) and access rights management with hierarchical access rights inheritance, need-to-know permissions and simplified rights management.