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PLM Software IBM
IBM - February 2017
IBM, Aras Corporation and OSI Soft today are launching new IBM Digital Twin capabilities, to create multiple views of products by bringing together various ‘digital threads’ and data streams that can be tailored to the needs of a particular user.
PLM Software MCAD Café
MCAD Café - September 2016
“We believe that the processes that span product development and manufacturing engineering are a necessary foundation that must be addressed up front for Industry 4.0 or IoT to work,” said Peter Schroer, Aras CEO. “Companies with factories all over the world need a better way to drive transformation faster which is why you can overlay existing legacy with our platform and get new capabilities immediately that directly support your strategy.”
PLM Software Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering - September 2016
Aras MPP is built on a single platform that is designed to be flexible, scalable and upgradable, and provides connected capabilities for EBOM, configuration and change management, requirements, quality and other areas. In addition, Aras MPP is designed to integrate with existing ERP, MES and legacy PDM environments to provide these new process capabilities on top of existing enterprise systems.

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